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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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first at 4:00 developing news. violence yet again at a u.s. movie theater. this time a man armed with a gun and hatchet unleashed a large amount of pepper spray inside a theater. >> this happened in a nashville, tennessee suburb of antioch. hunter kelly is there with more on the violence. >> reporter: the sound of gun fire echoes outside a tennessee movie theater. the final confrontation that left a shooter dead in the parking lot. at 1:15 this afternoon metro police officers responded to a report of an active shooter
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taking place at the hickory 8 movie theater. two officers working a traffic crash ran to the theater and one immediately went inside. >> the suspect raised his weapon towards the officer and pulled the trigger. the officer fired on the suspect and backed away from the theater. >> reporter: the inside of the theater was thick with pepper spray which police say drove out the other three people watching the movie. >> we heard screams in a theater nearby. >> reporter: customers in other movies were told to stay put and watch out for a man with a gun and a hatchet. >> we heard screams and then a shot and then a little while after that metro police came in and they escorted us out. >> reporter: the gunman went out the theater's rear door where police shot and killed him. >> we are very grateful that we only have three pepper spray exposure cases to treat at this point. this could have been a lot worse.
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>> reporter: the bomb squad is now on scene where they have just detonated the backpack the shooter was wearing. police hoping to learn more about what drove him to the theater armed and ready to kill. >> a shootout in pittsburgh late this morning sent a police officer and suspect to the hospital. sglf this happened on 12th street when the officer spotted an attempted murder suspect and tried to bring him in. the suspect shot the officer in the leg. >> police shot the suspect at least once. he is expected to recover, as well. a bay point man is facing charges for a string of arson incidents across the east bay. 29-year-old james william wilson was arrested. investigators say wilson started fires in 11 cities in contra costa county. the series of fires came to authorities' attention in april with some fires breaking out as recently as last week. investigators say many of the
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fires were small but some did grow large enough to threaten homes or other infrastructure. >> because of the time of year and the weather conditions all fires had a potential. some of the most remote fires along road sides where there weren't homes grew to a size that began to threaten homes or cell tower equipment. >> wilson now faces eight arson charges including a special enhancement because one of the drought emergency declarations. investigators believe he could be connected to other fires as well. the fire giving firefighters a huge break as they try to knock out the rocky fire. >> the fire scorched more than 68,000 acres and 39 homes are destroyed. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from lake county. >> reporter: this trailer, one of dozens of structures that firefighters have identified. the number of homes did jump up today, 39 as you said but not
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because of new fire activity. officials have gotten in here to see what rocky left behind. this was the order of the day for firefighters battling the rocky fire dousing hot spots as they appeared along highway 20 with fortunately no major head of flames to contend with. >> conditions are holding up. ground forces are doing great work on mop up. it is that time of day in the past week that we get lot of flare ups. >> just 20% contained the hope is to have the fire completely contained by next monday if the weather coop rates. >> i'm getting tired. >> that's good news for the thousands still evacuated from their homes. this couple lost theirs in spring valley and have been at the red cross shelter for four days. >> we are getting real tired. this is like our third time, third fire from living in that area. so we were prepared and knew
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what to do, but you still worry. >> knowing my house is there makes me feel a little better. but i want to go home. >> reporter: no word yet on when 13,000 evacuees will be allowed back in their homes. when they come back this is what they have to look at. many of them the hills around here scorched for as far as we can see. things looking prettyigate if the weather holds up they are hoping to have it contained by monday. >> that would be fantastic. thank you. you can download our free abc 7 news app for the latest information and enable push alerts. that app is free to download for smart phones, tablets and the apple watch. sky 7 hd above antioch as flames raced through the apartment complex. that fire broke out around 8:15 this morning and drove dozens of people from their homes.
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>> i was in the back with my son and i heard and then i heard the fire alarm going off. i said what is going on? i ran up to the door and the smoke just got me like that. >> fire quickly grew all the wa up to 3 alarm fire that was approximately 32 units. >> nobody was hurt thankfully even though the fire did extensive damage. investigators are working to find out what caused the fire. a police chase reached speeds of 70 miles per hour early this morning. officers arrested three people when the chase ended near the bay bridge. it began in pacific heights where under cover officers tried to stop three people suspected of breaking into cars. police say the suspects rammed an unmarked police car. let's turn to our weather forecast. >> spencer christian is here. >> things are looking great here over san francisco right now
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blue skies, light breezes. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies with a few high clouds and some clouds streaming in our direction from offshore. we have a fire weather watch in effect for this area just east of the central bay area moving out over the central valley into the sierra foothills and central sierra from 5:00 tomorrow afternoon to 5:00 friday morning. concern here is that there may be lightning strikes that will trigger fires. speaking of fires let me give you a look at current conditions. 89 degrees. hotter than yesterday. only 28% which is much lower than yesterday and the winds continue to be gusty about 12 miles per hour. fire covers 107 square miles and as you can see from our wind gust forecast for the next 24 hours winds continue to be gusty and erratic and unpredictable which is not encouraging. i will give you a look at our
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forecast in just a moment. >> thank you. experts have determined a barnacle encrusted airplane wing fragment did come from malaysia airlines flight 370 which disappeared more than a year ago after veering offcourse. a wing fragment from the boeing 777 washed ashore a week ago. it was sent to france for examination. >> is committed to do everything within our means to find out the truth of what happened. >> investigators will now analyze the wing fragment's metal with high powered microscopes to try to figure out exactly what caused the plane to go down. democratic candidate hillary clinton will be in the bay area for a fundraiser. the private $2,700 per head event will take place in atherton. the former secretary of state
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was last in the bay area in june when she attended the u.s. mayor's conference and a fundraiser. president obama was on the offensive strongly defending the iran nuclear deal. >> the president called this the biggest foreign policy debate since congress voted to go to war on iraq. >> reporter: at the top of his remarks president obama jokingly addressed why he was late. >> i apologize for the slight delay, even presidents have problems with toner. >> reporter: the president quickly turned to the serious business of selling the iran nuclear deal saying his critics have been quick to discredit the deal aimed. >> before the ink was dried on the deal before congress read it a majority of republicans declared their opposition. lobbiests were transformed into nuclear scientists. >> reporter: says the agreement builds on american tradition of
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strong diplomacy and as for opponents who want the u.s. to push iran for a better deal. >> those making this argument are either ignorant of iranian society or they are just not being straight with the american people. >> reporter: obama compared those against the agreement to politicians who pushed for the invasion of iraq and warned if congress blocks the deal it will put the u.s. on the path to some form of war. >> maybe not tomorrow. maybe not three months from now but soon. >> reporter: the republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says that is not true. >> everyone in the united states knows this president is not going to carry out military action against iran. >> reporter: president obama has taken the deal to more than 80 members of congress while senior administration officials lobbied more than 175 lawmakers. the indoersmentes continue to trickle in. abc news washington. the gang of girls known for
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brazen shop lifting strikes again. still ahead what made this san francisco theft different from the rest. and one day after netflix revealed generous parental leave policy another tech giant is following suit. donald trump front and center. the gop presidential front runner tells abc news what he expects to happen tomorrow during the first republican debate. at 4:11 our first check of the afternoon commute. this is highway 101 in san jose. the southbound lanes as they usually are at this hour backed up. the car pool lane is moving nicely. northbound
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all those notorious rainbow girls are at it again. this time they have men with them. san francisco police say the group was seen on this surveillance video getting away with over $11,000 in merchandise. police have identified three of the nine suspects but no arrests have been made so far. the rainbow girls are suspected in several robberies in 2013 and 2014. microsoft announced it will offer more paid leave to new parents and increase benefits for u.s. employees. under its new policy the company will allow new mothers 20 weeks of paid leave up from 12. new fathers will get 12 weeks up from four weeks. microsoft has around 55,000 workers in the united states. the move may be in response to netflix announcing yesterday that it is changing its
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maternity and paternity leave policies. more on the new benefits from the company some are calling game changing. >> reporter: netflix is changing the landscape for working parents. the video streaming company announced to the 2,000 employees they can take as much time off as they want during the first year after a child's birth or adoption with pay. parenting advocates are applauding the move. >> the first year of a baby's life is critical for bonding and brain development. we know that babies who have strong attachments to their parents are healthier and have higher iqs. so having as much time as you need to bond with your baby is really important. >> reporter: this is how other tech giants compare to netflix. google offers five months paid leave. facebook offers parents four months paid leave. this is on top of employees who
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are also eligible for free baby cash at some of these places. child care remains one of the top reasons an employee will leave. in the u.s. companies with 50 plus workers are legally required to allow parents to take up to 12 weeks unpaid leave with job protection. there is no policy however mandating paid leave. netflix's decision is in line with unlimited vacation policy. the company says all of this in an effort to help them compete and retain the most talented individuals in their field. >> netflix is setting the tone for tech companies and it motivates other companies to try to keep up with netflix. >> abc 7 news. >> some critics warn the word unlimited in the work world isn't what it seems to be adding the work culture may not make it possible to be away for too long. critics say mandated time off may be a good alternative. tesla's latest earnings
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report is not all rosy. the car maker reported net loss tripled to $184 million in the second quarter as the company spends more money to launch the model x suv. revenue and vehicle deliveries are up slightly. and after hours trading shares were down 17 points. investors reacting to disappointing outlook on total vehicle deliveries. tesla is cutting production on sedans. facebook launched a live broadcasting feature. celebrities like the rock can connect authentically with their fans. live video streams will show up in a fan follower's news feed and can post a question or comment. 900 million facebook users follow actors, athletes and politicians. facebook's hope is that they will use the service while facebook serves up more ads.
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the san jose opera announced the latest protection will be based on late apple co founder steve jobs scheduled to premiere in 2017. one of the composers is known for using a laptop on stage during performances to infuse traditional music with electric sound. let's hope he uses a mac for this opera. michael phelps is vowing to steer clear of alcohol at least until after the 2016 olympics. phelps has been arrested twice for driving while under the influence. he served a six month suspension and was barred from competing following the latest arrest last september. the most of any athlete in history. hard to believe but form r presidents sometimes get called for jury duty. george w. bush did his civic duty today in dallas surprising fellow potential viewers.
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one woman tweeted this photo writing look who i just met during jury duty. the former president was not picked to be a juror. let's have a check on our weather. >> spencer christian is here. >> i have been called several times but haven't served yet. we'll see. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly blue skies over the bay area. high clouds are in the picture. some offshore and some over land areas. on we go to 24 hour temperature change. look how much warmer it is in inland locations than in this hour yesterday. 15 degrees warmer in fairfield. 11 degrees warmer at livermore. the only locations that are a little cooler san francisco and half moon bay. here is the view of the golden gate. and it is currently 68 degrees in san francisco. 77 mountain view. san jose 79. 84 morgan hill and 68 in half moon bay. here is the view from our east
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bay hills camera. it is 83 at santa rosa. napa both 84 degrees. 88 at fairfield and concord. livermore at 90. looking over the bay we see a few clouds. these are forecast features warm inland again tomorrow. thunder is possible tomorrow night. scattered thunderstorms possible. and a little bit cooler on friday and saturday once the system moves through here tomorrow. here is our water vapor satellite image. moisture moving our direction being pulled up by the circulation along the upper level low. this is from tropical storm moving out in the general direction of the islands. as this low moves ashore here is what we expect to happen starting forecast animation 11:00 into tomorrow increasing high clouds, scattered showers and/or thunderstorms are possible late tomorrow night overnight into early friday morning and then mid day friday we see the low pulling out of here and conditions will
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stabilize a bit. rainfall protection we might see up to a tenth of an inch around san francisco, oakland. nearly a quarter at concord. it could get pretty good little dose of rainfall out of this system. tonight look for increasing high clouds. temperatures low 60s and tomorrow high clouds continue to stream through the bay area. mild to warm. hot in some inland locations where highs reach mid 90s. here at the accuweather seven day forecast chance of thunderstorms thursday into friday. temperatures seasonal on saturday and warming up to about 90 or above in inland areas on sunday and monday. nice summer like pattern except for the unusual chance of showers. >> thank you so much, spencer. up next getting pampered in style. the special spa day for these
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girls battling life threatening diseases. >> and then coast guard officers from the bay area seize thousands of pounds of cocaine. so why
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a whole lot of smiles today at a daly city bowling alley. more than 350 bowlers hit the lanes. they all have developmental disabilities. they come from all over the area for the event. the bay area knights of columbus has been organizing this fun day for 22 straight years. >> we include everybody. we have folks who are in wheel chairs and they are using the bowling ramp to assist them with the bowl. and we have other people who can bowl a 200 game. >> more than 150 volunteers were also there to help the bowlers get the ball down the lane in search of illusive strikes. >> that was pretty good. >> several teenagers who were
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given a spa day today in san jose. that is not unusual for some young ladies but what these girls are dealing with is definitely out of the ordinary. matt keller has their story. >> reporter: being a teenager can be difficult. being a teenager battling cancer is even tougher. these nine young ladies are being treated at children's hospital for their life altering and life threatening diseases. today they are escaping the reality in a giant pink limo. >> i love what they do because it is showing they care for us not only for our health but for how we feel and they make us happy. >> reporter: ashley fernandez and new friends arrived here in downtown san jose. they are trading cancer treatment for spa treatments manicures pedicures, facials and massages. it is a welcome rest for their bodies and minds. >> nice for them to have the time to really pamper their
4:26 pm
bodies and feel beautiful and feel girlie and enjoy that. >> reporter: the nail polish on the toes and fingers will fade. relaxation will turn to anxiety. for today a girl can be a girl and all is normal in their world. >> i can't really explain it. normal teenage girls having a pedicure done like every girl does once in a while. >> reporter: this is the seventh year for the event and donates all services. after the treatment they hop into the big pink limo and will go out for a special meal together here in san jose. matt keller, abc 7 news. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the bay area woman who wants the whole world to know she looks like an engineer. and the attention she is now getting. first the bay area school on the brink of losing accreditation is on the rebound. the good news for city college of san francisco as the new school year approaches. will fellow republicans
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attack donald trump during tomorrow's gop debate?
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. and here are the headlines where you live today as we approach 4:30. police outside nashville tennessee shot and killed a man after he went into a movie theater with a gun hatchet and
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pepper spray. he injured four movie goers cutting one with a hatchet and pepper spraying three others. after police shot them the bomb squad detonated a backpack the man was wearing. a spokesman predicts firefighters will have full containment on the 68000 acre fire by monday. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is along the fire lines and will have a new look at the damage coming up live at 5:00. after two previous failed attempts a new effort to create a memorial for fallen police officers in san jose. at 5:00 david louie tells us why the mayor and council members believe this time it will be successful. and ten republican presidential candidates getting ready for tomorrow night's primetime debate with donald abc news reporter tells us.
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>> reporter: the announcement of top ten based on poll results will have a chance to have it out on the big stage in cleveland. donald trump's numbers won him the top spot. he will be front and center on the stage. on good morning america he said by phone he probably will continue to be the target at the debate. >> really did attack me viciously and i only attack back after they started. they went down very substantially. linzdsayey graham went down to zero. >> jeb bush marco rubio, mike huckabee ted cruz and rand paul. so governor chris christie polling at the bottom is set to be on the far edge of the stage along with governor john kasich. while trump stands by his past controversial comments former florida governor jeb bush says he misspoke when he said.
4:32 pm
>> i am not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> reporter: responding hillary clinton went to twitter to criticize. her words you are absolutely wrong. other major republican candidates who did not make the cut will have the chance to make their cases at a second debate that will take place earlier thursday evening. former oracle ceo has donated $3 million to a superpack representing marco rubio's campaign for president. his campaign has received more money than any other. we are learning today 4,000 pounds of cocaine is now likely at the bottom of the pacific. the coast guard was towing a vessel with the huge drug stash back to almeida station last
4:33 pm
month when it sank. the bust was made off the coast of mexico. the coast guard was able to remove 12,000 pounds of cocaine from the vessel before it started taking on water and sank. this is a photo of the bust provided by the coast guard. the agency is calling the seizure the largest ever in coast guard history. city college of san francisco is trying to convince would-be students that it has the classes they need after the school saw a decline in attendance of more than 25,000 students following accreditation battle. lyanne melendez is at city college. you got an early look at the new course offerings. >> they are pretty cool. city college has always been about serving the needs of their community and now they want that community to come back to them. that is why city college has invested in a big campaign to attract more students. this motorcycle repair program
4:34 pm
is being touted as one of the five hidden gems city college of san francisco has to offer. >> it prepares students to work as apprentices, to go right into fixing motorcycles. >> reporter: saw an opportunity to potentially start a new career. >> driving cars and motorcycles. >> reporter: city college had years of declining enrollment in part because of uncertainty over the accreditation status. the community college was given more time to fix deficiencies and now the numbers are up once again. >> our projected enrollment is up 3%. >> reporter: besides courses like motorcycle maintenance there is furniture making, coastal geology letter prep and ethical hacking. courses not usually offered at other institutions promoting them is part of city college's campaign to attract more
4:35 pm
students. >> we are in the middle of a year long million dollar marketing campaign which is moving the needle and making a difference. >> reporter: for example a year ago city college started a hybridlictric vehicle repair program. at $46 city college still has the lowest fees in the nation. there is still time to enroll for fall classes. in san francisco lyanne melendez abc 7 news. a southern california oil spill turned out to be much larger than originally estimated based on new numbers that are out today. a pipeline ruptured. this was back on may 19. the pipeline's operator originally claimed the spill was about 101,000 gallons. all american pipeline says as much as 143 thousand gallons actually escaped. authorities in florida are investigating an act of vandalism at the vacation home of a minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion.
4:36 pm
somebody spray painted lion killer across the garage door of dr. walter palmer's house. they also scattered and left lion animal crackers on the yard. >> sorry but i don't agree with that kind of stuff. >> they committed a crime. they are saying he committed a crime. >> neighbors say they rarely see palmer and few people have seen since the news of the shooting broke. palmer is in hiding and closed his practice in minnesota. >> pope francis is offering comforting words for divorced catholics and kids. he urged priests to welcome families even though it conflicts with the stance of divorce. pope francis is scheduled to visit the u.s. next month while he plans to canonize one who founded several missions.
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up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 targets bay area name change. first devastation overseas as shifting earth takes a deadly toll. a little evidence of light high clouds beginning to move through the bay area. otherwise mainly sunny. we may have showers on the way. i will have your accuweathe ♪music♪ forever young (version) they won't stay young forever. ♪ forever young ♪ but for 60 years there's been a place where we can stay forever young together. don't miss the disneyland resort diamond celebration. ♪ forever young ♪ with an all-new electrical parade, fireworks spectacular and more. ♪ may you stay ♪ come see it all dazzle like never before. come feel forever young ♪ forever young ♪
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heavy rain took a deadly toll. three tourists were killed when a torrent of mud caused by down pours swept five cars into the river. several other people were rescued. reports say the tourists were from poland and the czech republic. rain might be in our forecast. spencer christian is here with what is ahead. >> we could have scattered showers and thunder showers overnight tomorrow night and friday morning. things are calm. here is live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies. high clouds offshore and over the bay area. here is a look at tropical storm which is packing winds 60 miles per hour, gusts to 70. it's expected to take a path over the next day or two that would take it north of the hawaiien islands. it's not likely the storm will deal more than a glancing blow but that warning is in effect
4:41 pm
through friday. tomorrow look for a hot day across southern tier states. 105 at dallas. thunderstorms in the east central and upper midwestern states. across california tomorrow we see mostly hot conditions in sacramento, fresno yosemite. temperatures 92 t the ss into the 90s there. back in the bay area mild at the coast. warm inland. highs ranging from 70 in the coast to mid 90s in warmest locations. notice increase in high clouds and that brings us the chance tomorrow night into friday of scattered showers. >> thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 the parents saying no to natural sun screen. what they claim happened when they put that product on their kid. rebranding target the name change customers can expect at some local stores. on 7 on your side's michael finney. call it the netflix of clothing.
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target is rebranding its urban stores this afternoon. the nation's second biggest retailer has announced target express and city targets will be changed back to target. there are several target express and city target stores around san francisco and the east bay including this one in san francisco. the retailer says the change is to simplify its customers' experience and avoid confusion. those changes take effect in october. no interest credit cards and robots helping you invest your money. >> a lot of consumer news today and 7 on your side's michael finney joins us. i want to hear about invest bot. >> could your next investment adviser be a robot? wall street has been leaning on computer models. why not cut out middle men and women all together? dubbed roboadvisers. they are auto mated investing
4:46 pm
services that rely on computer models to manage investor portfolios. charles schwab calls its service intelligent intelligent portfolios. a card offering zero percent interest. nearly every issuer is offering a zero percent deal. new offers from american express and bank of america last for 15 months. and citi is offering 21 months of interest free balances. the catch be late on just one single payment and the whole deal disappears. it's been called the netflix of clothing. a new subscription service this afternoon that lets you dress like your favorite celebrities without breaking the bank. for $99 a month run way allows you to order clothes, jewelry and hand bags and have them
4:47 pm
delivered. users can have up to three items at once and swap them out as often as they like. >> you consider the idea of rental retail but you get 30 different outfits for a lower cost than buying 30 different outfits. >> and get this the service has been so popular there is a waiting list to join. >> really? >> wow. there is a business model for the three of us. >> what else you got? tell me more about invest bot. well an hour and a half flight from new york city to london is one step closer to reality. air bus filed a patent for a supersonic jet that would attempt the speedy flight. the concord which was shut down in 2003 made the flight in three hours. it is still in the research and development phase. now to a controversy this afternoon over natural sun
4:48 pm
screen. actress jessica alba is defending her company after complaints that her natural sun screen doesn't work. more on how much protection these types of sun screens give you. >> reporter: jessica alba fighting back amid controversy over effectiveness over her company's spf 30 sun screen lotion. the criticism began after parents weighed in online claiming the product is ineffective. it was like we used baby oil. this mom says posting a review on another writing my daughter's back looked like a tomato and blistered in one spot. alba and her company cofounder defending their product explaining hers is one of many so-called natural sun screens on the market. >> my dream was to create the ultimate family brand. >> reporter: the sun screen has gone through extensive third
4:49 pm
party testing writing we develop and use the sun screen to protect our own children. this morning those pictures reigniting a heated debate. do mineral based sun screens work differently than sun screens that use chemicals? mineral based are often zinc or titanium based while chemical based use substances to penetrate the skin and absorb the sun's rays. consumer reports did not test the products but recently tested five other natural sun screens where zinc, oxide and/or titanium oxide are active ingredients and are less likely to offer skin the complete protection it needs. >> one reason why mineral sun screens may not perform as well as ones with chemicals is because mineral particles form uneven surface and you may not be getting good coverage.
4:50 pm
>> experts do say any sun screen is better than none and you should use sun screen every day even cloudy days no matter what your skin type is. it is back to the future for lexus. the auto makers released a detailed look at the new hover board. >> the test riders glided around in a park in spain. the secret to the back to the future invention is a special magnetic track that allows the board to lev tate. >> the force is so strong riders can jump on the board. you can see there is a pocket of air there underneath them. unfortunately lexus says the board is merely a prototype and it has no plans to release it. >> what is the point? >> that would be me. wiping out right there. several fisher men manage to haul in one impressive catch over the weekend. >> this is an 800 pound 13-foot tiger shark caught off the coast
4:51 pm
of south carolina saturday. it took five people to get the fish on the dock. >> apparently this is not even that fishermen's biggest catch ever. the lead fishermen says he caught three sharks that each weighed more than 1,000 pounds. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. the bay area engineer breaking down barriers and becoming a social media superstar. how she is handling her new found internet fame. and a look at what is ahead at 5:00. coming up next your water use compared to your neighbors'. the best lightweight laptop for back to school. michael finney has the scoop on that. and the new eye rollers.
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this picture is part of a san francisco high tech firm's recruitment campaign and it sparked an international movement. >> because of the hashtag that you see there that reads i look like an engineer. it is meant to challenge ideas about who fits the stereotypical image of a tech worker or engineer. >> female engineers from all over the world and some from out of this world want you to know there is no gender requirement in the job description. >> carolyn tyler talked to the san francisco woman who unintentionally started this movement and joins us live with the story.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: the company's ad campaign began just four days ago and the response overwhelming. it is putting a spot light on gender diversity issues. the engineer we talked with called the elephant in the board room of so many tech companies. what does an engineer look like? at san francisco high tech company one log in she looks like this 22-year-old isis winger was chosen along with two other employees to appear in a company recruitment campaign with ads at bart stations. >> i thought other ads would draw a lot more attention than mine did but i was wrong. >> i am thinking this is not an actual engineer. it strikes me as a model. >> reporter: because so many reactions have been like that winger decided to initiate her own campaign using the hashtag i look like an engineer. and this is resonating with women all over the world who are posting their own i look like an
4:57 pm
engineer comments including melinda gates who applauds the campaign for challenging the face of engineering. and chelsea clinton who says it's helping to break down stereotypes. and from ordinary people like this woman who writes i'm wear pink, i'm pregnant and i am also a software engineer. the truth is there are a few women in the tech industry. winger's boss hopes the campaign will increase diversity. >> after it exploded we get more than twice as many female applicants. that has been pretty positive. >> i'm hoping that i can set a positive example for a younger generation. >> reporter: and back at the bart station this 14 year old has gotten the message. >> that's great. >> reporter: in san francisco carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. that will do it for us today at 4:00. thank you for joining us.
4:58 pm
i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and cheryl. the majority of the fires occurred in the overnight hours. >> a serial arsnist is off the streets but not before starting fires in eight bay area cities. a shootout leaving one officer wounded and attempted murder suspect in the hospital. how the west was burned. vacues just want to go home at this point but there may not be much left for them when they get there. >> and the new effort to honor fallen police officers in san jose. >> reporter: it's sunny right now but showers and thunderstorms may be visiting us soon. i'll let you know when coming up. live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. fresh grass and landscaping as well as outbuildings were threatened including occupied
4:59 pm
residents within contra costa county. >> a path of fiery destruction in the east bay authorities say fires in all of these cities can be traced to just one man. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. thanks for joining us. arson investigators have arrested a man they believe set at least 30 fires dating back to april. james william wilson is in jail facing eight counts of arson this afternoon. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us from concord with the story. >> reporter: cheryl, this is the announcement that cull miinates dn't know about. we saw the symptoms but didn't know the cause. since april there have been many brush fires. fire investigators say too many to happen naturally even in a drought. today we learned that cal fire protection district has suspected an arsonist and made an arrest. he is under arrest for eight incidents, a number that fire
5:00 pm
investigators could increase to 30 or more. most of the fires as you said began between midnight and 5:00 a.m. we did ask investigators how long they watched the suspect before arresting him and was weighting a risk. >> if we were to approach him and say we know what you are up to most serial arsonists are compulsive and will just change the area change their ammo and continue. >> we looked to see if there was escalation. once we see certain things that concern us then we will decide that we are going to act on something. >> reporter: so they did because their investigation wasn't small. they say the fires began small and then got bigger and affected bay point lafayette clayton, walnut creek and brentwood. that suspect james wilson re


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